LIFX Z Multicolor Light Strip Review

LIFX Z Light Strip Overview When I comes to color vibrance and luminosity, LIFX bulbs are the champion.  The LIFX-Z. Strip lights are no exception.  Unfortunately, setting the lights up can be a challenge, full of  glitches.   So many in fact I had to contact Technical Support to finally get them working.    That […]

LIFX Mini Smart Bulb

LIFX Mini Review: Great Lighting, Great Price

LIFX Mini Review Overview The new generation on the LIFX Mini Smart Bulb boasts a lower price point and Apple compatibility.  Along with a redesigned bulb, the LIFX mini now comes in three choices.  The LIFX Mini Color,   Day & Dusk and White. The Color, priced at 39.99, features over 16,000,000 different colors, 800 […]